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*Reviewed during ZWT4 for the African Dessert Challenge * These are wonderful. Easy to make and deliciously rich. Perfect with an after diner coffee. I made half the recipe and it made about 50 truffle. I did try some different coatings but really preferred the dessicated coconut. I placed them in chocolate cases for presentation. It did take longer than I had expected for the truffle mixture to cool in the fridge before they could be rolled -but this wasn't a problem. As recommended, I used quality chocolate and agree that this does make the difference. These truffles are definitely sinfully rich and decadent. Photos also being posted. These were perfect for the challenge as sugar is not listed as an ingredient. The sweetness is from the dark chocolate used as an ingredient

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**Jubes** June 22, 2008
Amarula Cream Truffles: a Homemade Gift!