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I am surprised no previous reviewers mentioned the texture of this soup. I made it as directed and found the flavor is good slightly bland but the texture is mealy. My 12 year old, who is very accustomed to eating the individual ingredients in this soup was unable to eat more than a few bites.

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KOSchultz December 07, 2012

Well I substituted olive oil for butter using only about 2 tablespoon and soy milk unsweetened silk organic brand in place of the milk. I wouldn't say this recipe is horrible but I am on bowl one and wanna stop eating it. Beings I used all organic ingredients mostly I don't wanna waste it so I will have 2 suck it up for a week to polish it off. I was trying to introduce these 2 grains but I have had no luck with them. I think I taste that more than anything so if your a fan of the taste of these grains then I'm sure you would love this recipe. I personally think quinoa n amaranth are strong unlike what you read on the net. Overall though I can't say I would recommend this recipe at all. I would definitely say it is NOT bland. As for the texture this has been a major drawback for me n these grains. I hate the texture as well. In this recipe I am completely fine with the texture it's very nice. Looks wise it's very pleasing. Once the soy was added it gave it a nice smell but before that it stunk horrible like those stinky grains. I hate the smell of both! If u are dead set on trying it don't be a dummy like me and not break the recipe in half!

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Kittykat19812013 April 05, 2013

OMG!! I had bought some amaranth, not knowing what it was or how to cook it. This was my virgin voyage, and boy was it wonderful! DH is diabetic who controls his blood sugars by diet and exercise alone, and so we have been eating quinoa for a while. I made this exactly per the recipe, except that I substituted onion for the leeks and omitted the celery, as I did not have any. The red pepper really added to the flavor, and the corn was just so sweet and good. The best part... after eating dh's blood sugar was only 109, which was up only 10 points from before eating! Not only that, but it is so delicious, even my finicky 4-year-old ate it all up and asked for more. This will definitely be a staple dish in our house! Thanks so much, Lemon Drop!

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eesmith5118 August 19, 2012

Five out of five members in our household were raving over this soup. I use amaranth and quinoa as well as other gluten free grains daily. When I saw this recipe it appealed to me and I was not disappointed. I used what I had available without making a special shopping trip. That means I used butter with salt, green onions, frozen bell pepper trio from Trader Joes, Libby's organic canned corn, and cream. I also had leftover quinoa from a previous meal. I made the necessary adjustments. I had some fresh collard greens which I steamed and then blended with the corn giving a green colored soup. I tossed in a few diced up baby carrots from our garden and the soup was delicious. I never could stick strictly to a recipe. This recipe is a keeper.

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Gary's Creations September 10, 2009

This was excellent! The amaranth and quinoa gave it beautifully nutty undertones. I subbed diced onions for the leeks and celery as I didn't have any, and used green pepper instead of the red. Will definitely make again. Thanks!

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Burgundy Damsel April 01, 2009
Amaranth, Quinoa, and Corn Chowder