Amaranth for Breakfast

READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by MissLinguist

Amaranth is a healthy grain, but I don't like it in savory dishes. This is my delicious breakfast creation. It's vegan if you use a vegan sweetener, like agave. May I also add that I make it this way because the other flavors cover the general flavor of the amaranth. This recipe is an alternative, but it will not be like your "normal" cereal grains. I use this recipe with other grains: millet, steel cut oats, and whole spelt. Amaranth is healthy, but if you don't like amaranth, you might still get the amaranth flavor in this recipe. You might also try another grain if you don't like the natural, earthy flavors of amaranth.

Top Review by Miss Annie in Indy

This was my first time cooking with amaranth and I was pleasantly surprised. I went by package instructions to cook, which was water 3 to 1 amaranth. After 25 minutes it was fully cooked and kinda' gummy. After adding cinnamon, splenda and almond milk (1/2 cup, but could use a little less next time) stirring, it was a delightful breakfast. This HAS to have milk or some kind of liquid to thin before eating, IN MY OPINION. Has a slightly nutty flavor and although it's kinda' hard to chew, you do get to crunch some amaranth. I will definitely make this again because of the high nutrient value of this grain. Very high in fiber and protein. Thanks for posting this MissLinguist. I didn't bother with taking a picture because my cereal looked just like your picture. Well done!

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  1. Cook the amaranth (this may be done the night before): Mix the water and amaranth in a saucepan and heat to boiling.
  2. Turn heat to low, and let simmer for 20-25 minute Most of the water should be absorbed. Take care at the end of the cooking time, because it may get too dry and burn. You should still see the individual grains of amaranth, although they will stick together a little. Overcooking will turn the amaranth to mush.
  3. Cooked amaranth will keep in the refrigerator overnight, if necessary.
  4. In the morning, reheat the amaranth in the microwave, if necessary. Drizzle the amaranth with honey, sprinkle with cinnamon, and pour the coconut milk on top.

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