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I have not tried this recipe, but I wanted to say that I lived in R.I. & remember Amara...we used to buy the burgers all the time. They were delicious. I THINK for a while they were offered frozen to take home too. They were outrageously good.

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singers_of_the_realm May 02, 2010

i'm afraid I didn't have RubberDucky's luck with these. I used the peanut butter version. Dh wants them again but I didn't care for the whole wheat flour (and I use it all the time). I added cheddar and avocado as toppers and that was terrific.

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sugarpea March 18, 2009

CONFESSION TIME. I made these Saturday, in an eat-healthy frame of mind. Then we went out for pizza. They sat in the fridge staring at me until Monday morning when I decided to try one cold. They are awesome! I have clingwrapped the rest and frozen them so I have healthy lunches ready for myself. I doubled the recipe and used both PB and egg, and just plain white flour because that was all I had. I accidentally forgot to double the flour! The rice was basmati. Skipped the pepper because we don't like it. I am just astonished how yummy these are. I would LOVE to try these with brown rice but for some reason Fiji doesn't seem to sell it. Instead of making patties I put them into muffin pans and rounded the tops a little. Doubled, the recipe made 8 good sized muffins and only took 10 mins to cook. They looked absolutely gorgeous, and would be great just like that on a plate with salad, very visually appealing. I am positive I will make these again. Hubby wasn't fussed but he isn't fond of PB. I may try a batch for him without it. For those who are wishing to paddle in vegetarian waters this would be a great start. Tasty!

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RubberDucky AU May 25, 2008
Amara Veggie Burgers