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I'm giving this 5 stars to give it some attention, because I was simply ASTOUNDED when I tasted this taste-bud delight! It%u2019s a sweet dressing with a powerful tingling punch!

However, I have some serious complaints about the way this recipe was outlined.

Most of the ingredients are given as 2 line-items to add together, and many of them don't make any sense.
Why have 2 lines to add 2 tsp honey, and 1 tsp honey?
Why not just list 3 tsp honey, or better yet, 1 Tbsp honey?

Plus, it's confusing having potentially 3 different kinds of sesame oil, when I think she meant to only list 2 types.

And when she lists garlic and ginger, she is not clear what kind she means--since she is listing tsp/tbsp measurements. Is this powdered? Or minced?

I really wish that she would have just entered the gallon recipe and let the program itself make ingredient measurement changes depending on the quantity the user wanted to make. If she would have done that, I would give TEN stars!!!

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All-Natural-Nut August 13, 2011
Amanda's Ginger Orange Dressing