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This is Alan Carter's recipe for Better Homes and Gardens. It is the PERFECT pie crust. I have always had trouble finding a recipe that I can roll without sticking or crumbling and this is IT! The vinegar and sour cream may scare some folks away -- don't let it! I have a nephew that hates both of these ingredients and he LOVES this pie crust. You cannot tell it's in there. I think it just helps hold everything together and gives a wonderful texture.

The recipe calls for up to a whole tablespoon of kosher salt and I prefer only using half a tablespoon. It gives the perfect mix of salty-sweet without overpowering. I have also used up to half a stick of shortening to replace butter and it comes out perfectly flaky and delicious. This is definitely the only pie crust I will ever use again.

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virginiabean October 23, 2011

This crust worked perfectly for me. It was wonderful and easy to work with. Thanks for sharing.

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Lainey6605 December 16, 2011

Perfect! I used this as a pastry crust for a chicken pot pie and it was crunchy and flaky even on the bottom! Nice! Thanks for sharing-

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Sue Lau February 20, 2013

I finally made a pie crust that was edible, thank you Annacia!! Made in my food processor so this was super easy and did use 1/2 tablespoon of kosher salt. Refrigerated overnight and froze the other two discs. Made an apple pie with crumble topping and flaky delicious pie crust. Made and reviewed for the 1-2-3 Hits Tag Game.

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lauralie41 January 10, 2013
Always Perfect Pie Crust or Pastry