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I've always wondered what the difference in high altitude cooking was, as I've always lived near the ocean. The similar basic recipe to this one is something I've made dozens of times and the difference in these was that they didn't stay puffy after cooling, they totally flattened out. The taste & texture difference was slight but there was too much of a hint of baking soda and a flaky, like croissont flaky (not dried out) texture to them. Personally I'm a thick, chewy cookie person so these aren't my favorites but they are fine & if I were at a high altitude I'll bet these would be chewy cookies. I really enjoyed the learning experience so thank you for posting your recipe, uberivy! Oh, I used half semi-sweet chocolate & half white chocolate, everything else as written. Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet tag. :)

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**Tinkerbell** June 20, 2009
Always Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies