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Prep 5 mins
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Phosphate aerator is often an ingredient in commercial baking powder and equates to additive 541 in some products ie sodium aluminum phosphate. Some reports estimate that commercial baking powder may be 7-11% aluminum. Now there are Al-free products out there and these tend to use additive 450 (sodium acid pyrophosphate). But if you can't find these brands, here's a homemade alternative. Use 2 tsp per cup of plain flour. Recipe originally in Grassroots magazine.

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  1. Mix ingredients together in an airtight container.
  2. Shake well to mix.
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I'm very sensitive to the taste of baking powder, so I'm always looking for baking powder alternatives, including Bakewell Cream.

Thank you so much for a baking powder recipe WITH the chemical function! I had some Bakewell Cream (sodium acid pyrophosphate), and although the bag said "use in place of baking powder" I made the worst buttermilk biscuits (which makes sense now that I've read the Wikipedia entry on baking powder, it had excess acid). BUT now that I've made baking powder, mixing the sodium acid pyrophosphate with baking soda and cornstarch (or you can use less "baking powder" and omit the filler), my biscuits are tasty again!

This is a winner on two fronts: I can now use that Bakewell Cream for good results, and the results taste better than any another baking powder I've tried!

nethope November 25, 2010

This is great. It works like a dream, better than any store bought I've used. THANKS!

KitchenWitch22 October 11, 2010

I was looking for a baking powder substitute in a pinch. After trying this recipe, I won't purchase baking powder and will just use this recipe. Like Velvetinenut, I also substituted corn starch and decreased the amount used by 1/2 and it worked well. Many thanks, Missy Wombat.

Akikobay April 13, 2007