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First let me say, I am a Hugh Alton B fan. Now let me say anyone who says this recipe was good, didn't actually try it. I followed exactly and the ribs were almost too salty to eat. Also the cooking time was an hour short. NOT GOOD!

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saltysam77 July 05, 2014

You can never go wrong with AB. <br/><br/>For those who thought it was too salty...please note that the original recipe at food network states "This recipe makes several batches of dry rub...", which is something that was not included in the recipe on this site.

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JeniHolland October 15, 2013

I reviewed this recipe once but it disappeared. My only issue was getting the glazing liquid to reduce and thicken. The first time I made the ribs I gave up on the glaze and used Sweet Baby Rays. The second time after heating and stirring for almost 2 hours, I dissolved 2 tsps. of corn starch in a little cold water than added in to the glaze. I thickened up to a very nice consistency in about 30 seconds.

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RonM-NJ July 21, 2013

I am very conflicted about this recipe. On the one hand, the ribs turned out to be the most tender I've ever made, without being TOO tender.... just perfect really. On the other hand, the BBQ glaze was problematic from the very beginning. When I read the reviews here complaining about the glaze, I went to the food network website and looked up the same recipe. The reviewers there had the same issues with the sauce as well! Ultimately, I decided to use half the amount of dry rub. Once the ribs were done cooking, I drained the foil and got my liquid out and it was almost half oil. I had to skim it for a long time before the glaze even started to reduce, and by that time everyone was hungry and the ribs were getting cold so I glazed them with bottled BBQ sauce instead. I still kept an eye on the reducing sauce while we were eating though, and added a small can of tomato paste. Once the glaze was ready (after everyone finished eating), it was indeed a bit on the salty side- but not unbearably so, at least for me. I can't imagine how salty it would've been if I had used all the dry rub! We ate the leftover ribs the next day with the homemade BBQ sauce and even used it for dipping dinner rolls into. I have to say, if it wasn't so salty it would'be been the best BBQ sauce I've ever had. If you're making the glaze, do what I did and use half the amount of dry rub, skim the oil off the surface of the sauce and add an 8oz can of tomato paste. It will still be quite salty though, and will take very long to reduce.

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rpgaymer July 09, 2013

Yes- first time I made these years ago, my wife was like "what are you doing with that amount of salt?". HORRIBLE!
Decrease the salt IMMENSELY, use more sugar in the rub, and the ribs with the glaze, will be absolutely wonderful. That is why I give it 5 stars. Why Alton doesn't change this is beyond me, but you have to or you will be throwing them out.

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Chef Valbowski July 26, 2011

Too salty! I even took other reviewer's advice and cut the salt from 3 TB to 1 in the rub... although I think it is the "glaze" that becomes far too salty. The ribs turned out super tender and great until I added that darn glaze. I will use this method of cooking the next time, but will use bottled BBQ sauce instead.

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GetU4ThatCoconut June 24, 2011

I agree with many here, these are way WAY too salty if you make them as directed. We did use Kosher salt, and it was still ridiculously salty. That said, the flavor was good and the ribs did fall off the bone. I will make this again, but next time omit most of the salt in the rub.

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ibdsassy1 December 13, 2010

To other reviewers and people who try this recipe: the rub Will be too salty if you don't use kosher salt since regular salt and sea salt are nearly twice as dense. Also keep in mind that this recipe makes more than one batch of rub. I used about 1/3 of the rub tonight on our ribs.

That said, the flavor of these ribs was just good, not very good or spectacular. I was a little disappointed as I thought being an Alton Brown recipe this would blow us out of the water. The glaze was nice and the dish as a whole was nice, but I'll go back to what we think is hands-down the best ribs recipe out there: Beverly Carson's Should Be Illegal BBQ Ribs (#8701).

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lolablitz September 08, 2010

My favorite AB recipe! The family loves the flavor and heat, although we have a mild version of the rub for the little ones and yankees in the crowd. This one is worth the extra effort that goes into the preperation. Smiling messy faces and a pile of bare ribs make it great!

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ETex July 05, 2010

The method used in the recipe is absolutely 5 stars, hands down. the rub however, isnt. i didnt really care for it at all, and as previously stated by many reviewers, it makes the "glaze" liquid very salty and inedible. luckily i had my favorite bbq sauce on hand, and i used that instead. I will make ribs using this method, but with a different rub and bbq sauce.

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Xexe May 05, 2010
Alton Brown's Baby Back Ribs