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It got 5 stars on the Food Network website so I decided to try it instead of my normal Potato Leek Soup recipe. The recipes are similar, but my normal recipe uses bacon, which I really missed in this one (although I'm sure my thighs didn't!). I think next time I will brown a couple slices of bacon and cook the leeks in a little of the bacon fat. The rest I will leave, as I really like the buttermilk in this recipe (I cheated and soured milk with vinegar, next time I might break down and buy the real stuff). I also used half and half instead of cream as I had some that needed to be used up. Yes, I will make it again... but I plan on tweeking it a little.

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kda949 September 04, 2010

This is wonderful. You really can't tell it's mostly broth rather than cream. I would double the amount of potato in it and wouldn't puree it. The bits of potato make it perfect!

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sholman77 August 07, 2011
Alton Brown - Potato Leek Soup