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My sister has used this recipe for years and I used it for the first time yesterday. My first roasted turkey and it was a big hit. Like my sister, I splurged on an organic free range turkey. Followed the brining as instructed. Didn't realize how long it would take for the bird to come to room temperature, so used a 450 degree oven for the first 30 minutes, then brought the temp down. Skin got very brown and used foil tent for the last half hour. I stuffed the bird before roasting, and did a different gravy, though incorporated the reisling. I didn't rinse the bird before roasting and it was fairly salty, though I am sensitive to salt. I never eat turkey, but will probably do this again over the winter because the leftovers are so good.

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AdventuretwinDeb November 26, 2010

This brine really did produce the moistest and most flavorful turkey that I have ever made. It got 14 unanimous thumbs up! I followed the recipe and only substituted a whole large sliced onion for the dried. It was easy and perfectly seasoned -not at all salty. I did not make the gravy but did use a small amount of the drippings to season my gravy. I like to use two oven bags and an appropriate sized vessel for soaking and have also used the bags and a cooler with ice packs when the bird was too large for my fridge. Just make sure to keep replenishing the ice or packs! This recipe has a permanant spot in my file.

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jsinkling December 06, 2005
Alsatian-Brined Turkey With Riesling Gravy