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Wow--this was fantastic! I followed the recipe to a "T" using 1 large (1 lb 12 oz) can of diced tomatoes. I cooked for about an hour I would say, then refrigerated overnight and reheated the next day. I wonder if this gave time for the flavors to meld, because it was delicious. I served it with homemade naan, recipe 203261. Even my hubby, who is an avid meat-eater, loved it and said it was better than anything he's tasted at a restaurant. Would DEFINITELY make this again!

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Andrea G. April 24, 2010

This is AWESOME!! Dad and I got together and made this for dinner for ourselves tonight. My kitchen smelt so good while this was stirring in the pot on the stovetop. Since the quantity of ginger and garlic was not mentioned, I used a 1 inch piece of fresh ginger and 4 cloves of fresh garlic(peeled, washed and finely chopped). I like to use all my veggies fresh as a personal preference and I try to avoid canned/tinned food, so I used 6 fresh tomatoes(4 Roma tomatoes and 2 Indian tomatoes). In addition to the green chilli, I also used 1/2 tsp. of red chilli powder. I used 3 1/2 cups of water to cook the tomatoes and cauliflower. As for the potatoes, I boiled the cubes of potatoes in water until they were tender and just had to be stirred into the rest of the curry. I used 2 tsps. of salt in total for this delicious curry. This was a very tasty curry and we enjoyed it immensely with Tilda Basmati white rice. Very good with plain yogurt on the side:-) Next time, I will use just 2 potatoes. Otherwise, I will prepare it just as I did tonight. Thanks alot for a good dinner!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 23, 2004

Excellent recipe! Made it as stated except that 1/2 way through the potato cooking time added a couple handfuls of frozen peas. Whenever I had vegetable samosa they had aloo gobi as the mix and it always had peas in it and I found the sweetness of the peas balance the slight spice of the rest of the mixture.

Thanks for sharing!

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Kim A. Heaphy August 01, 2010

In the recipe you have said to add 2 teaspoons of turmeric, that is not necessary, just between 1/4 to 1/2 tsp should be enough and also before adding the onions, add the cumin seeds and let it fry for a few seconds, this adds more flavor.. :-)

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Bushu August 12, 2011

Made this tonight and my family loved it. They like Indian food, but had asked me to venture beyond what I usually make. We all felt this tasted like something we would order in our favorite Indian restaurant. It was also very easy. Next time I'll try it with some sweet potatoes as some other reviewers suggested.

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michelle July 20, 2010

This is probably the best aloo gobi I've ever made, and I've tried a bunch of recipes because it's one of my favorite Indian foods! Most other recipes omit the tomato and I think that's what really makes the difference in this recipe. Since some of the other reviews commented that it took longer than 20 min. to cook, I took a hint from one of my other aloo gobi recipes -- don't add the cauliflower and potatoes together. I added the potatoes first where specified and cooked it for 10 min, then added the cauliflower and cooked for an additional 10 min. I also added a little water when I added the cauliflower so I could coat the veggies. It worked perfectly!

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VegeTara May 13, 2009

Very good recipe. I adjusted the amount of turmeric and used very ripe fresh tomatoes, and only added the cauliflower for the last ten minutes - that way it still has a bit of a bite which I prefer.

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MevrouwVanderA September 13, 2011

The first time I had Aloo Gobi, it was made by an Indian co-worker of mine and he battered and fried the cauliflower. I also have made it with battered cauliflower, but because of all the work, I never made it again.

Until now.

I was at a bowling fundraiser today and the alley's grill serves fried cauliflower, which was quite good. That's when the lightbulb went off! So I bought two orders of the cauliflower, came home and found this recipe. The first thing that impressed me was the ease of the recipe, because as I recall when I made Aloo Gobi the first time, it was a lot of work!

I used two nice-sized potatoes, cut into about 3/4 inch cubes and found they cooked fairly consistently (simmer it slowly while covered and you won't be disappointed!) in about 20-25 minutes. I'd rather have slightly undercooked potatoes than mushy potatoes, so I was really keeping an eye on them. I also used (2) 14-1/2 oz. cans of *fire roasted* diced tomatoes. Since I'm not big on chunks of tomatoes (including liquid a can of water), I took the potato masher to them. Since I really wanted to make it easy, I used jarred ground ginger and garlic - about 1-1/2 teaspoons each. My hands are sensitive to chilis, so one of my favorite time (and hand!) savers is to use (4 oz.) canned green chilis that you would find in the Mexican aisle. It didn't have quite enough heat for me, so I followed this up with ground Allepo pepper, which I find to be the perfect heat level for my taste (cayenne and red pepper flakes can ruin a dish if you slip!).

I used the dry spices as written, and I was very happy with the salt and flavors and didn't feel the need to add anymore (although I think I used less potato and certainly less cauliflower than the recipe called for). I was very pleased to not have to separate the cilantro stems from the leaves and just chopped the whole bunch, adding half while cooking and the other half when the dish was done. But I love cilantro, so there is never 'too much' for me.

Finally, when everything was done cooking (I used a Dutch oven), turned off the stove and added the fried cauliflower from the bowling alley, just to heat it up. Well, the batter did not stand up to the Aloo Gobi, however, it did thicken the dish nicely, so it worked just fine. This is why I recommend NOT parboiling the potatoes - you'll want the potato starch to thicken the dish.

I can't wait to make this again (for my office Holiday party - hoping that my Indian colleagues will feel at home and give me the thumbs up!), but I will definitely forgo the battered cauliflower and keep it healthy.

Thank you so much for posting an easy method for making my favorite Indian dish!

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Aiiycat November 13, 2010

I make it with sweet potatoes instead of potatoes and never had problems with the cooking time. I also use fresh (and less) tomatos, less oil (coconut oil!!!) and more water. The recipe has become one of my standards, it's fast, easy, you can make a big pot for a few days ahead, it's super delicious and has all the ingredients one should eat in a healthy diet: Cruciferous, orange, leafy green veggies, onions, garlic, ginger.

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katboo April 23, 2010

Turned out absolutely fantastic! Although the recipe itself I found to be very flawed- ingredients list tomatoes but at no point in the directions does it mention them or what to do with them. I omitted the tomatoes altogether, boiled the potatoes for 15 minutes before adding them to the recipe, and had no fresh coriander so I used the spice. I also added some extra water while simmering it all and it made a really nice thick sauce. In the end it was incredibly delicious and worked out well, though I had to read all 75 reviews to find out all the ways I needed to adjust recipe to make it work.

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Chef Kirsten (#1!) January 01, 2010
Aloo Gobi