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Tried this recipe for the first time and its a winner. The title is perfect- almost white castle. Its pretty much there. As a native new yorker who would buy em by the sackful, I would say these would definitely make the cut when ur craving. Kids and hubby loved them. I used 2 lbs ground chuck and spread a layer of dehydrated onion on the bottom of the pan. Toasted the buns first(just our preference), then used the damp paper towel in the microwave to get that steam feel. Wonderful recipe. Will use it again.

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nyangeldivine March 13, 2011

For almost White Castle burgers that are the bomb all you need is dehydrated onion or onion flakes. Put them in water to rehydrate and make patties with only salt and pepper. Add a little water to your pan along with onion and let them cook until done. That's it. My cousin made these and swear I thought I was eating the real thing until she told me she made them. I didn't believe her so she had to make some more. That's how good they were. This recipe is not good to me.

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mizjmassie August 19, 2011

This tasted just like white castles except WORD OF WARNING...I used ground sirloin 90/20 and after baking mopped up extra fat with paper towels. The buns did not have the inner slightly soggy taste or texture. I also used slightly less onion dip and minced an onion and sprinkled one pan with onion on top and one pan with onion on bottom before baking. No difference in my opinion. I also spread the beef mixture on the sheet and used my rolling pin on top of the wax paper to cover the pan and then pricked with a fork. Next time, I will go against my instinct to mop up the fat and leave it to soak into the bun. It didn't matter so much because my people scarfed them down.

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DanaJoy! December 26, 2010

I cut onion and put it on the pan before I put the burger on it. I made the burger as directed.

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quitoslady #2 March 31, 2010

FANTASTIC! I tried both the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and Sara Lee White Rolls (both are square) Everyone preferred the Sara Lee Rolls, steamed in paper towels in the microwave. **THESE FREEZE WELL** To freeze, I made the meat mixture up ahead of time, baked several trays worth, scored the meat into squares without cutting completely. When cooled, I wrapped first in press n seal, then heavy aluminum foil and froze one 'sheet' of meat at a time. These stack well once frozen, and I have used a 'sheet' as far out as 6 weeks with good results. To use: defrost, then fully reheat squares, THEN assemble the burgers. The rolls don't freeze well already assembled with the meat - they get soggy even with the meat already frozen before assembling and freezing. I can't tell you how handy these are to have on hand in the freezer....! I am now being constantly pestered to have these when family stops by.

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fiery_wench January 30, 2009

These burgers are very similar to White Castle Hamburgers. Mine turned out very well, a really good burger with more meat than the real thing. I had juices in the pan after cooking the meat, I let it sit or cool off and most of the juices were absorbed after sitting, which makes for a juicy burger. I like mine with no cheese, lots of pickles, and catsup. While putting the burger together I had to stop nibbling on the meat, I liked it so well. I'm looking forward to making the meat part on the grill, it's a good combination of ingredients for a good burger. Best copy cat recipe for White Castle Hamburgers I've made so far.

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Ms. B May 03, 2013

Yummmm, very close to the real thing too. The only thing i changed about this recipe was the "jelly roll pan". I didn't have one of these, only a dark baking dish. I just turned my oven to 375 and baked for 12 min. Thank you so, so much for this recipe. Was really, really good and can't wait til my picky husband gets home to rave about this one!

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TRAYCEE_AGUILAR March 20, 2012

Made this for the fam, and everyone flipped. Way super easy to make and so tasty. I didn't have onion soup mix in the house so I used 1 huge Tablespoon of dried minced onion. It was wonderful that way and my daughter told me not to change anything about the way I made them. Thanks for sharing this great recipe, it will be getting used a lot in our house come winter time. Thanks again!

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livie July 13, 2011

Oh yeah! I'll tell you how great these were: My son's new gf (who normally acts like a 'delicate flower') was here ... she put these down like a truck driver! I added an insane amount of re-hydrated onion to the top before cooking but only because we're hardcore. :) Thanks for a great recipe!

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FDC April 04, 2011

These are the closest that I have ever found to the actual thing. I made a batch, and we ate about half of them. The others I froze and and they warmed up perfectly. Why pay ridiculous prices for frozen white castle burgers from the market, when you can make way more, for a fraction of the price. Thank you!!!

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knaylor76 July 20, 2010
Almost White Castle Hamburgers