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Made this tonight for dinner and it was very good, family all liked it. I did not use any onion as family doesn't care for it, also used a box of 4 cheese scalloped potatoes which was all I had. Used a bag of frozen vegetables for soup and added some ex-wide broad noodles and let them cook right in the soup plus 1 cup of half & half in addition to the milk as it was getting a little too thick after adding the noodles. Easy, quick and delicious. It's a keeper.

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Terrilynn January 21, 2003

I loved the ingredients of this soup. It is a good starter soup, which you then jazz up a bit. Here is what I did. Read the reviews. Used all your ingredients except canned chicken-used fresh, didn't add frozen mixed veggies and used a package of cheese and bacon scalloped potatoes. Now to jazz it up. Doubled the soup. Added 1/2 large onion, finely chopped, leaves of celery finely chopped, finely chopped leftover carrots, and thickened it with flour and extra milk, plus added a little extra bouillon powder. Excellent thick, hearty soup. Will be making again maybe with a few more changes, may try the instant mashed potatoes.

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jorgydee August 28, 2008

WOW! I just made this. So easy and very delicious. I only used one cup of milk and extra water since I don't mind my soups thinner. Don't care for canned chicken, I used Tysons grilled and ready Chicken chunks ( which are awesome to keep a bag in the freezer) and added a can of corn & pepper. YUMMY!!

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Sazzy2u September 04, 2014

This is a great soup, my husband and grandchildren love it. My granddaughter brought one of her school friend over and we had this for dinner. now every time she come over she ask are we having the soup. Only things I do a little different is I use hoop cheese and I cut up whole potato and I use soy milk. I let it all cook together. This is a great delicious and fast soup to cook. thanks

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Lanett S. April 21, 2014

I was craving potato soup yet wanted something quick and you can't get much quicker than this one. I went by the recipe except I left out the veggies and used cheddar bacon au gratin boxed potatoes. It was wonderful except for being a touch salty so I will be using low sodium broth the next time and there will definitely be a next time. It was even tastier the next day. Thanks for sharing!

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ArcherFarms November 21, 2009

This soup just wasn't to our taste. Noone finished their soup and we had to throw the rest away. Tasted too "processed" for us......

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nikkid August 28, 2008

This soup was indeed very easy and it was good...im not sure that i'll make it again though. I think I would have liked it a little better if it was a tad thicker. It just didn't wow me. Glad I tried it though. Thanks for posting :)

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shimmerysummersun December 02, 2007

We made one addition that made this into a thick, hearty soup-- we added one pack of 4-cheese instant mashed potatoes (the kind that comes in a box with 2 big packets with the cheese flavoring in separate packs). It was SO good! Tasted just like a homemade potato & cheese soup someone made in college...only this has lots less fat & calories I'm sure! Creative recipie! Thanks!

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Clarely November 05, 2007

This is a great quick dish and the kids loved it. Yummy and easy! It doesn't get any better than that.

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handkmommy July 02, 2007
Almost Too-Easy Potato-Chicken-Cheese Soup