Total Time
Prep 25 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is not the typical pasta or fruit salad. Really nice and light for a summer day!

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  1. Combine all ingredients, adding oil of choice in amounts you desire. (I like a flavored oil if I decide to use just white vinegar instead of balsamic).
  2. Toss and chill.
Most Helpful

Although my wife (Chef Inge 1505) has alraedy reviewed this great recipe and submiited the photos, I will have to review it, too. Because it is really great. It brings together all the colours of the summer with a delicious taste. In the beginning I could hardly believe that so many ingredients would come well together. But what a surprise! My recommendation: Try it, love it.

Thorsten June 22, 2005

This salad is absolutely fantastic!!! I wish my English were better to better express our enthusiasm. This salad has all DH and I look for in a summer salad. Freshness, crunch, color, flavor, flavor and more flavor. And as if this were not enough it also LOOKS great, so is good for company, too. :) - Her is something I did a little differently because of personal preference. I used chopped almonds instead of slivered and used raspbery vinegar (only 3 TBS, very sour vinegar) and 3 TBS walnut oil together with 1/4 t salt to make a vinaigrette. Using a lighter colored vinegar has the advantage of not discoloring the green cabbage I believe. - Did I say this is A GREAT SALAD? Thank you for this truely wonderful addition to my Zaar Favorites, Happy Harry.

Inge 1505 June 05, 2005

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