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This recipe intrigued me from the moment I saw it with the combination of ingredients and spices. It is almost instantaneous as well. I used the chicken flavor ramen broken into 6 pieces (I would break it up smaller next time) and used a cream-style corn I knew would actually have some kernels of corn in as well. The result was an incredibly good, yet incredibly different corn chowder. I loved it! The spice blend added a whole new dimension to a stodgy chowder. Try this one, I doubt you'll come out disappointed!

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Michelle S. March 30, 2004

I tripled this and it was amazing! I used 2 cans of cream corn and one of niblets for some extra chunks, some OXO chicken bouillion instead of the flavour packets (didn't like the flavours I had on hand), and for the curry, I used a thai red curry powder. Mine had to sit for a while too, so I ended up adding extra milk and an extra tsp of curry powder. Delicious!!

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Cadillacgirl March 30, 2010

Good and easy to make. I doubled the recipe for my family. I used one packet of chicken Ramen and one packet of oriental as that is what I had. I followed the rest of the recipe other then I didn't add the curry powder as I am not a fan. There was a bit more liquid in this soup then what I like but it was good just the same. The longer it sat, the better it tasted.

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bmcnichol December 01, 2009

Quick, easy, inexpensive and pretty good. I have to say...if you don't like a certain kind of Ramen noodles, don't add the flavor packet to the chowder, LOL. It was not my favorite with Oriental flavoring, but I bet the chicken is good!

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Joyd September 16, 2008

I used chicken flavored ramen to prepare this and added a bit more curry powder. The soup had to set a bit waiting for Hubby to come home for dinner, and the noodles absorbed some of the liquid. I stirred in about another 1/2 cup of milk when slowly reheating before serving. The flavor is much richer than I had anticipated and very good. This is added to my rotation of quick fix meals.

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Ms B. January 04, 2007

A great soup to try if you need cheap, easy, quick, and tasty. Even the kids liked it. The blend of spices is just right and I was surprised by how 'silky' the texture was. It was a bit 'brothy' and next time we'll cut the milk back (or, more likely, add another 1/2 package of Ramen) but this has definitely made it on to our Ramen rotation. Thanks so much for posting!

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winkki July 17, 2006

This was a very interesting recipe. I would never think to add cream corn to ramen noodles. But it works! And the blend of spices caught my eye as well. Very cheap and easy! Thanks for a great recipe. Also, it was soupy more than chowdery and the 1/2 cup of milk I would eliminate or reduce next time:o)

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Ang11002 October 16, 2005
Almost Instantaneous Corn Chowder