Almonds-Cashews-Coconut-Sugar-Semolina-Milk Delight!

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READY IN: 1hr 40mins
Recipe by Charishma_Ramchanda

From the Thursday magazine. This was submitted by Rajani. I had saved this just for today's Easter dinner. ENJOY! Happy Easter!

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  1. Soak the almonds in hot water.
  2. Peel them.
  3. Chop into halves.
  4. Prepare a fine paste in the mixer by adding a little water at a time to the almonds.
  5. Chop cashewnuts.
  6. Grind the cashewnuts in the mixer with a little water to prepare another fine paste.
  7. Heat a non-stick pan.
  8. Add semolina.
  9. Fry on medium flame until it turns golden in colour and you can inhale its fragrance in your kitchen and in every end of your house.
  10. Grind the coconut to a fine paste in the mixer by adding a little water.
  11. Put a very large skillet/pot on heat.
  12. Add sugar.
  13. Add 4 cups water.
  14. When it comes to a boil, remove the scum floating on top by adding a tbsp of milk.
  15. Continue to boil the syrup, adding a little milk (I had to add thrice) and removing the scum as it came to a boil.
  16. Make a syrup of one-thread consistency often checking with a spatula by dropping the syrup from a height into the pot/skillet in which it is cooking- When it falls, it should fall in"one thread".
  17. Next, add the gramflour to the syrup, mixing as you do so, and taking care that no lumps are formed.
  18. Add the semolina.
  19. Mix well.
  20. Add the almond paste, cashewnut paste and coconut paste.
  21. Keep mixing vigorously.
  22. Add the ghee.
  23. Mix well.
  24. Keep mixing continously.
  25. Your hands are gonna pain, but, I promise, when this is ready, your gonna lick the fingers at the end of those same hands of yours clean.
  26. Ok, keep going- Keep mixing with all your power!
  27. After about 30-40 minutes, you will notice the mixture change colour- it turns slightly darker than what it was before.
  28. Now add the cardamom powder.
  29. Mix well.
  30. Now, you will also see that the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pot/skillet.
  31. Immediately, turn off the heat.
  32. Grease a large"thali" (stainless steel plate).
  33. This plate should be about 3 cms in height.
  34. Transfer the yummy mixture into the thali.
  35. Once it cools down to room temperature, you will see it has"set" beautifully.
  36. Oh how adorably tempting it looks and you will inhale it's aroma that's wafting through your house!
  37. Garnish with sliced almonds if you please (optional).
  38. Serve or store in an airtight container and serve when desired.
  39. Can be stored for 1 week.
  40. ENJOY!

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