Almond Sesame Mounds

Total Time
15 mins
45 mins

I usually make these and add to my Christmas baking or just make as a treat any time of year. Very easy and no bake. I nice little sweet

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  1. In a pan over medium heat melt butter.
  2. Add almonds, sesame seeds and vanilla and let brown.
  3. Stir in the honey and brown a little more.
  4. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
  5. In the meantime line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper.
  6. Using 2 teaspoons arrange small elongated mounds of nut mixture. Flattened slightly.
  7. Let cool.(These are chewy not hard like bittle).
  8. If you would like to add chocolate:.
  9. Just melt in microwave for 1 minute in a small dish, then dip the candy pieces in or drizzle the chocolate over the candy.