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I thought that I had ruined these! I made the dough and had patted the first one onto my pan when I realized that I had forgotten to add the egg! So I put it all back in the bowl and added the egg. It made it very wet and I was sure I had ruined these, but they turned out beautifully! I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of the white and soy milk. I also used organic fat free vanilla yogurt. Like Truebrit mine did not brown but they were enjoyed none the less! My picky 5 year old really enjoyed them. I served them as part of "breakfast for dinner" alongside veggie sausage, pancakes, and fruit. Heavy on the carbs but very delicious!

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ladypit December 07, 2004

Made these this morning for Sunday breakfast. They were DELICIOUS!! I did make a few changes however. I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose (we like that nutty texture) Used plain greek yogurt, flax in place of egg (1 TBSP ground flax mixed with 1 TBSP water). I also added about 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and 1/2 cup dried cranberries. I baked them in the convection oven for approximately 15 minutes. I made them bigger, I only cut the disks into 4ths instead of 1/8ths. I also brushed them with nonfat milk and sprinkled with turbinado sugar. Will definitely be making these again! Thanks for sharing!

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sconehead May 23, 2010

Excellent!! Great almond flavor. I did increase the butter by 1 tablespoon and added fresh blueberries and bing cherries. I also added some slivered almonds, increased the temperature to 375 and sprinkled the scones with sugar before baking. Delicious!!

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skiingpeaches May 29, 2006

Your recipe was very good and easy. My 5-year-old son is devouring them as I type. I cooked them closer to 18 min on stoneware and the color was a beautiful golden color. Thank you for the great recipe.

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k1m December 15, 2005

These are fantastic! I was careful not to overmix the dough, and the scones came out tender and soft, with a delicate almond flavor. I used sour cream in place of the yogurt. Instead of patting out on the counter, I patted the dough out on two floured pizza pans. After flattening and cutting into wedges, I separated and spaced the scones slightly with a spatula. They were done in 12 minutes, although they didn't brown. Next time, I'll brush with a little milk or egg white before popping in the oven so that they will brown slightly. I served the scones with butter and strawberry jam, and they were scrumptious! This is the first time I have made almond scones, and it certainly won't be the last time! Thanks for posting this recipe, FlemishMinx!

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truebrit December 07, 2004
Almond Scones