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I have found a great new holiday cookie. These are a little messy but so worth it. I lined my cookie sheets with parchment paper. Make sure that you leave plenty of space between them as they do spread and make cookies that are slightly crisp on the edges and chewy in the center. I cooked my cookies for 25 minutes. The cookies are quite soft when removing from the oven therefore I would suggest allowing them to cool for several minutes to firm up before attempting the transfer to the cooling racks. The only change I made was with the drizzling chocolate, I used shortening with the chocolate instead of oil. I made these into 1 inch balls and got 38 delicious cookies.

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PaulaG December 19, 2005

Used Skor bars for the toffee, mmm good! And with the chocolate from the Skor bars you don't need to drizzle more chocolate on top. Good thing, given my microwave was on the fritz so no way to melt the chocolate.

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Mumma=^..^= December 24, 2013

Fantastic cookies! I added a bit more flour, about 10 ounces of toffee pieces, drizzled with dark chocolate that had 1/2 tablespoon of shortening. Baked 15 cookies per cookie sheet. Brought them to a Holiday party and received many compliments. They never made it to the freezer.

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Curlee January 03, 2012

Made as given in the recipe, & thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at an early New Year's celebration (several days ago, that is)! AND, another cookie that is worth freezing & enjoying later, & that's especially great for those of us who might otherwise eat 'em all ourselves before they have a chance to cool completely! Thanks for sharing! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike January 01, 2012

Really good! One-inch balls of dough made the perfect size cookie and took 22 mintues to bake one tray at a time. I really liked the almonds...next time I will try sprinkling some extra on top of each dough ball before baking.

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Crunchy Numbers December 23, 2011

These are the best cookies I made for my Christmas baskets this year. Thank you so much for sharing Sharon. All my friends loved these cookies the best...and whats not to like, they were crisp and so flavorful. They were as good to eat as they looked. Really easy to make, with great results. These will be in my next years rotation also. :)

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Baby Kato December 28, 2009

I tried these cookies for the first time this weekend, and they are so goood. They are pretty easy to assemble, and I baked them on parchment paper lined cookie sheets (highly recommend). They only took around 15 minutes to bake, and I ended up with a little more than 4 dozen. Maybe I made them smaller and that's why I had more with less cooking time. I drizzled them with milk chocolate, and I think they would be good also with either white or dark chocolate. They look as good as they taste. I will be making this recipes many more times in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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october sky February 23, 2009

These cookies are so delicious and looked so pretty on my Christmas cookie bags and trays. My nieces and nephews couldn't leave them alone, and they were one of the first to go. I can see these being very popular with everyone, and they are one of my new favorites! This is a new addition to my holiday baking from now on!

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Linda's Busy Kitchen December 31, 2008

WoW! I stumbled on this recipe on the FoodNetwork site, made them, loved them and was about to add this recipe here @ Zaar cause I didn't want to risk losing and lo and behold it was here! Thanks for posting these little cookies are AMAZING!!!!!! The men in my family just about made themselves sick- next time I think I will use dark chocolate just cause it is so pretty and I like the taste on really sweet things.

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BethHallKelley December 21, 2008

Well at first I wasn,t to excited about these cookies,however the next day when I tasted them I had a major change of heart.I nibbled on 1 and than poured a glasses of milk and proceeded to gobble down 3 of these babies!!!! At my cookie exchange these were all the rave,and everyone wanted the recipe.I freeze them in a ziplock and take them out as needed.Ithen melt the chocolate chips and drizzle it on.It sets up instantly since they are so cold,this way I have fresh cookies for my guests as they arrive. I plan on making these whenever a wonderful cookie is called for.THANX

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regina rose December 14, 2008
Almond Roca Cookies