Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

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  1. Melt white chocolate and add almond oil.
  2. Toast nuts and spread on cookie sheet.
  3. Spread chocolate over nuts and chill.
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The easiest candy to make in the world I think. I was looking for one that kids could start with and this was perfect. It was good that you mentioned toasting the nuts. It gives a much better flavour result. I also chopped them first and mixed the nuts in with the chocolate before pouring and that worked as well. Good with slivered or sliced almonds. Because I wanted it to be really, really thin, and didn't know how much it would produce, I just spread parchment paper over the countertop and started pouring. Tips learned from (expensive) experience: white chocoate melts at a really low temperature, and can burn easily if you have it on direct heat. I melt it slowly in a mixing pan set over hot water. Thanks, Moe.

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Good recipe. I made it with just almonds. I was trying to duplicate the hard to find expensive "Almond Bark" that you buy in candy stores. It worked. For my purposes I would not mix the nuts in again as recommended by a reviewer, and would definately heat the white chocolate over a double boiler to insure that it becomes "very" soft and creamy.

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This candy was very good! I also toasted the nuts before adding them. Thanks for the recipe Moe Heon