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We're a big marzipan-eating family, my daughter Adiya is addicted to the stuff and would rather have a bar of marzipan than any other chocolate bar on the market. I've bought some high-quality marzipan, but it's amazing the difference home-made makes! This recipe lends itself to shaping very well, and you can make as much or as little as you like. We left out the brandy and added more vanilla, and my daughter had a wonderful time with some of her friends making flowers and animals for a class project.

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Mirj November 18, 2001

Great marzipan! I left out the brandy and used 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract! The texture was very easy to work with! Delicious!

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Kim D. August 12, 2003

Uh, this recipe should not be made if you've never made this stuff before. The directions are not clear - cook over water until thick and fluffy? How fine do the almonds need to be - where are the photos so one knows that they're doing it correctly? A big waste if you don't already know what you're doing with this. I cook and bake from scratch almost every meal and I was very unhappy with the directions and outcome!

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CheriBaby July 24, 2010

This was quite easy to put together, and was very easy to decorate with. It took a little more food coloring than I expected, but the end results were worth it!

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Nonnie4Two December 26, 2007

This recipe rocks and is easy to roll too ;) We do not get ready made marzipan so have tried making homemade cooked marzipan before. (Don't like to use raw eggs infact made the royal icing with cooked eggwhite too) But this recipe is by far the best. My easter eggs also will be made with this recipe from now on. Made it to cover a christening cake and made some elements to top the cake with. I used only vanilla too and omitted the brandy. The cake looked lovely and I was tempted to leave out the fondant cover. But then went the whole hog and have this pic to show for it. Thank you. :) Fay

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Girl from India November 21, 2004
Almond Paste or Marzipan