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Gosh, I am in love with this recipe. I could give you a sky of stars for posting such an amazing, easy and foolproof recipe! I made this, thanks to Chef Yogi, who is so sweet to have sent me beeswax from across the miles. I used regular cooking oil(because I couldn't find sweet almond oil), beeswax, pure orange honey and 11 drops of almond essence(instead of almond extract). I really got to "learn" something new today with this recipe and I am so pleased and thankful to you for posting this. My Grannie who is sick and dying will be receiving this as a gift from me tomorrow(if my dad goes to India). She has dry lips and she could do well with this. I used this on my own lips and oh my, they feel great! Also, I used this on the dry and slightly cracked soles of my feet and I can't describe enough how soft, silky and smooth they feel now. Apply this, wear socks and go to sleep. When you wake up, you'll feel you have new feet! This is an amazing recipe. I would highly recommend this to everyone. You've done great by sharing this here!! THANK YOU IN OCEAN FULLS'!!! Just one correction - in the last step, i.e. step no. 3, it is mentioned to "pour" the mixture into your container...kindly change the word "pour" to "spoon" because when the mixture cools, it solidifies into a wax-like form and then, it's not pourable, but gotto be transferred to a container with a spoon;) :)

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Charishma_Ramchandani April 30, 2003

I really like this recipe!! I thought it would be too soft given how much almond oil but no way. It's perfect. My lips are so soft, smooth and not greasy. Thanks....

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jennyblender February 28, 2016

This recipe turned out great. It was easy to follow and mae the gloss. I added a few drops f red food coloring and whipped it in as the gloss cooled. I put it in a shallow trinket pot as gifts. My lips have never felt smoother and the pots loo professionally made. Thanks!!! I look forward to experimenting with different flavors.

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Chef Lamb December 17, 2005

Great recipe. Grating the beeswax was a pain, but after that it was fun. I used pure vanilla instead of almond extract. Turned out great! The mixture can be poured into your containers before it has cooled completely.

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deniseiv June 01, 2004
Almond Lip Gloss