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I'm sorry but this was a total failure. Kulfi is not at all like this. I yet followed the recipe and prepared it to celebrate a few good things in my life..but, this turned out terrible. My guests were very upset and I had to end up offering them Kit Kat chocolates whereas they were expecting "Kulfi". When I saw the recipe, I had a doubt whether it would be good or not, and so I went ahead and added 2 tbsps. of Hintz Dutch processed cocoa powder to the remaining ingredients. It didn't turn out nice...this is one thing I'll never make cos it ruined my celebration completely.

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Charishma_Ramchandani April 05, 2006

If you love almonds, you’ll love this recipe: a wonderful celebration of almonds! Absolutely delicious and SO quick and easy to make! I rarely go to Indian restaurants because I don’t like hot spices, and I have never eaten Kulfi. Being on such unfamiliar territory, I made this exactly to the recipe, right down to the serving suggestions! Well almost. I reduced the sugar by half a tablespoon and added half a tablespoon more of the ground almonds, hoping I wasn’t going to upset the balance and thereby wreck the recipe. When I am venturing into new culinary domains, clear instructions are just SO essential. Caroline’s instructions here were excellent! Because the Kulfi was to be sliced just prior to serving, I placed it in a shallow Tupperware container, and covered it. That made it easy to place a cake slide under the slices to get them out of the dish. I thoroughly recommend this recipe. And don’t think it has to be served as part of an Indian meal: it would be a great dessert to serve after any meal. Everyone absolutely loved it. Thank you, Caroline! — Sep 18, 2005

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bluemoon downunder September 19, 2005
Almond Kulfi