Almond Joy

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1 min
0 mins

Sweet and creamy...

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  1. Blend all ingredients with crushed ice.
  2. Pour into a wine glass to serve.
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Yummy drink! I used fat-free half and half instead of the heavy cream, and I'm afraid I probably over-tipped the Amaretto.....just a lucky mistake! Wonderful desert drink. Thanks for sharing.

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Delicious! I made this as directed, heavy cream and all! Soooo yummy! Should be illegal, but it's not, so HA! HA! I'll have another one soon! You only live once - you should have this drink, the way it is written, just ONCE! DELISH, I say! DH grabbed a swig before I could snap the photo...he didn't wanna wait! :D Thanks for sharing a wonderful drink, loof!

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I didnt blend this drink but served over ice. The taste was still excellent. Never used White Creme De Cacao but I loved it! Thanks for sharing:)