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The smell of this baking is delicious with a slivered dry pan toasted almond on top of each piece it looks pretty too. But the phyllo pastry texture was softer than usual by the next day probably due to adding water to the butter which I was sceptical of but followed anyway because I though maybe it was so the figs wouldn't dry out. We don't like very sweet but it was not sweet enough with such a small amount of syrup so I suggest doubling it (awalde's photos look like the pastry has more syrup than the recipe made for me). DH ate a few peices the first day with tea but wouldn't eat anymore the next day. I used green figs (with the permission of the poster), 10 medium size and it was slightly skimpy so I increased the blanched almond slices (not slivers). I could not sprinkle the mixture as it was damp even with the additional almond so I more like spread it over the phyllo pastry. I think I used more butter than called for, I tend to and chose to use the orange peel* in the syrup*. I also made the syrup cold before pouring over the hot baklava as that is what I have been taught to keep it crispy, which is does. I liked the experience of trying a different than usual filling for baklava.

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UmmBinat August 16, 2012
Almond Fig Baklava