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Positively addicting combination of colors, textures and flavors. This is going to be my next dinner party entree. You can make the sauce ahead and sauteeing the salmon is very straightforward and practically foolproof as long as you keep the heat down. I served this with asparagus and thought the sauce lent itself to it as well. I subbed half and half for the cream but won't for the dinner party version. I hated throwing away all those luscious leeks and may try saving some of it next time to be reconstituted with a bit of cream and used to dress pasta at another meal. Didn't think of it until the leeks were gone this time. This is a gem, Julesong.

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sugarpea June 07, 2005

This is really good and a lot easier than I thought it would be from the list of instructions. I made this on a weeknight and it really only did take the 45 minutes listed - most recipes I find take longer than what it says. In any case, the only change I made was to add four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice rather than three and it had a nice tang in the sauce without being overpowering. I couldn't think of anything else to change. Thanks for posting a fantastic recipe!

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cyaos August 13, 2008

My husband's favorite meal that he requests on special occasions. Time consuming to make and a little difficult, but worth it in the end!

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packeyes May 29, 2007
Almond Crusted Salmon With Leek and Lemon Cream