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I am editing my review of this recipe. I had made this mix 10 days ago, and since then, I found the mix had harden within that amount of time. I had to use a hard metal spoon to remove clumps of the mix to add to my coffee. While it did melt into the hot cup of coffee, I was also disapointed that the mix had harden within the 10 days. Because of that, I removed all stars from my rating this recipe, and I am just leaving a review. This was yummy indeed, and it does taste just like Coffee-Mates Amaretto powdered coffee creamer, but for those who like to make this creamer, I would highly suggest halving the recipe, and quickly use up the mix shortly after making it. When making this recipe, I did add a bit more of almond extract to the mix, and I added 2 tablespoons of the creamer to 1-(6 ounce) cup of coffee. If it wasn't for the mix hardening like it did, I would of surely given this recipe 5 stars, but because of that, I thought it was best to just post a review, minus the stars.

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Domestic Goddess January 25, 2010
Almond Coffee Creamer Mix