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These were very tasty however the almond filling was a bit bland. I don't prefer many pastries to be overly sweet, and therefore know my taste buds aren't weakened, but in this case there wasn't even enough sweetness to bring out the full flavor of the bear claws. I feel that if I would make this again I would either add more almond paste to the filling or make a light glaze/icing for the tops of the bear claws. For this batch I will just eat them with a little honey (it's totally awesome). To say the good things about this recipe now I will start by talking about how much fun they were to make. I have never made bear claws before so I was a bit nervous to take them on, but everything went smoothly and ended very well. The directions are very clear so anyone who doesn't normally make pastries should be able to follow them with ease and make a great product. I'll be attaching photos as soon as I can get them off of my sisters camera. Made with my [recipe=435428]Flaky Squares[/recipe] dough for the 08/10 Newest Zaar Tag.

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MizEmerilLagasse August 30, 2010

Oh I LOVE this recipe. One of my favorite pastries and now I can make them myself. My shape wasn't the best (after looking at this realized I bent them the wrong way - opps) but the taste was right on, flaky and the taste of the filling was sooo good. I did frost mine with Vanilla Almond Glaze and that gave them the perfect sweetness. Can't wait to make these again to see if I can get that shape down right. This recipe more than deserves all 5 stars in my book

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Bonnie G #2 May 27, 2013
Almond Bear Claws