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Wow! What an excellent recipe; just like I've tasted in Hungarian pastry shops! I've made this twice now, the last time was for friends on Guy Fawkes night - it went down a treat with the assembled crowd. In the second instance I partly cooked the apples and added them to the dish warm because on the first attempt the filling wasn't cooked quite enough. This is probably to do with type of apples I was using; Bramley cooking apples straight from the tree taste great but are very hard. I also added a pinch of salt to the dough and a pinch of cloves to the apples. I found it necessary to cover the pite with foil to prevent over-browning during cooking. It was 'nagyon finom' as the Hungarians say!

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potboiler November 08, 2010

Thank you Zsuzsa :) After much searching, I finally found a pastry recipe similar to my mother's for the pastry. Personally, I prefere spy apples when available or granny apples, but the red delisious will do as well. To clarify it for readers, the apples are to be grated into strips similar to julliened rather than finely grated. I squeeze a little lemon onto the grated apples to keep them from turning brown, although they will do so anyway from the cinammon. The grated apples are spread evenly over the pastry and crushed walnuts. After cooling, cut into even squares and sprinkle with the baker's sugar and serve. My family and guests love these apple squares, so I always bake enough for take-home snacks Cheers :)

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Kittykitdreamkat May 26, 2008

I could just kiss you for posting this recipe! I have torn the internet apart trying to find a recipe for apple cake that my Hungarian mother used to make. This was so good...and what Hungarian food doesn't have sour cream in it? Just loved it.

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German Saxon December 26, 2014

My husband said his Hungarian family always slices the apples thinly, on a mandolin, rather than grating, and sometimes adds raisins. But otherwise this is exactly what he'd been trying to describe to me. Delicious; better than apple pie!

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Debtex November 28, 2013
Almas Pite (Hungarian Apple Cake)