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This recipe is a dream.. As usual,shake and bake in a grocery store, is outragously overpriced, and I always refused to buy it. I cut this one down to 1/5, to see if I even liked it. I also cut back on the paprika, as I have done other recipes with it, and found it to be overpowering. I also cut the salt for health reasons. More can always be added at the table.. I was eager to try the mashed potatoes, and did that with instant.. They were yummy, yummy.. I plan on trying the canned potatoes at a later date. I always have a can of them,and instant, in my pantry cupboard for emergency purposes..Thanks for posting this recipe.. Anything that subsidizes a senior fixed income, is a bonus for sure. Cat^..^atude.

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Cat^..^atude March 19, 2007

This made some really great (and close to) shake-n-bake chicken. Making just 1 cup of the recipe, I added 1/2 Tbsp. of garlic and onion powder (each) to the mix and used half panko/half regular Italian bread crumbs. I omitted the chicken base because we use 'Better than Bullion' paste. So what I did was add 1 Tbsp of the chicken paste to 1 cup of warm milk and let the leg quarters soak in the brine for about an hour. Thanks for a keeper recipe, can't wait to try it on some pork chops! :)

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2Bleu May 26, 2011
All-Purpose Shake and Bake