All Purpose Ground Beef Mixture (Also OAMC)

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

If you're like me and try to save some money shopping at bulk warehouses like Costco then here's a helpful tip to speed up dinners on evenings when time is tight! You already have all your veggies cut up & mixed in so just empty into pan and cook it up! Great for casseroles, chili, tacos, spagetti, pizza, burgers, you name it!

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  1. Chop up veggies using food processor. (Or by hand if you prefer.).
  2. Mix together all ingredients in large mixing bowl either by hand or using mixer until thoroughly mixed.
  3. Seperate meat mixture into equal 1 lb. portions and divide into freezer bags. (I use my Food Saver to vaccum seal them.).
  4. (Sometimes I also cook a few pounds until browned and freeze. Simply pop into fridge in the morning to defrost or defrost in microwave or hot water and add to your meal of choice!).