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Total Time
2 mins
20 mins

just sounded good, i saw this on 'Thirty Minute Meals' but changed somethings for taste and consistency. I ended up having to strain this when i used 3 cups originally called for in recipe.

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  1. Core cauliflower and cook in chicken stock for 10 mins covered.
  2. Take cover off and reduce chicken stock by half.
  3. Approximately 5-10 mins more.
  4. Mash up cauliflower and chicken stock along with butter and garlic and onion powder.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. I used my kitchen aid mixer with the whipping paddle on this, but you can use a regular hand mixer or just a plain old masher on it.
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This is a really good lo carb side dish. Loads of flavor and went well with the salmon I made. Be sure and drain the cauliflower well before proceeding or the end product will be a little runny. Very good.

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My husband and I both loved this and could not believe how much we had that mashed potato feeling without those potato calories! I drained out almost all of the chicken stock before mashing. I will make this again and again!