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This is delicious! Tip: make sure your roasting pan is deep enough (do not use a broiler pan), to accommodate all the liquid that will accumulate, especially from the chicken.

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Rockamama June 07, 2011

Congratulations! Your recipe was featured on the homepage yesterday as the Recipe of the Day!

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Food.com June 08, 2011

Tried this for a Sunday Dinner Roast Chicken with the family, it certainly does cut down on the preparation and we enjoyed the dressing used over the chicken and vegetables! I followed your instructions to the letter, including the chosen vegetables, other than the mushrooms, which I don't like. Upped the amount of vegetables to cater for five of us, and I did cook the potatoes separately. I did tent with foil briefly. I hadn't used the idea of putting onion and lemon wedges in the chicken cavity previously, but did so on this occasion, choosing to bake the stuffing separately (generally I stuff the bird). I'm glad I gave this a go, thanks for sharing, Zurie!

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Karen Elizabeth June 13, 2011
All-In-One Roast Chicken Dinner