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Can I give this recipe 10 stars! Oh my gosh! This is the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten! The filling is light and creamy, the cake is moist and I love a cold cake! The glaze is just enough rich chocolate to top off a wonderful dessert! Thank you so much Mirjam Dorn! PS: Do heed her warning about mixing the glaze. I had to whisk the devil out of it to get it smooth, but it is soooo worth the effort!

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Leta January 02, 2003

Awesome. This lasted less then 24 hours in my house - I got one taste - teenage boys and my husband devoured the rest. Thanks for posting, Mirjam.

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Bogey'sMom January 24, 2003

This cake is beyond compare. It is rich but not overpowering. It is truly delicious and I will certainly make it again. As stated, the cake is so moist. Gosh, it is really excellent and I am so glad I tried it. Good job, as usual, Mirjam. Many thanks!

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BarbaraK January 19, 2003

This is a chocoholics paradise and worth the effort! I made this as a birthday cake for a chocoholic banana cream pie fan and he (and everyone else) loved it. I did have a few issues making it....part of the cake bottoms stuck to the pans and I had to cobble them back together. I used chocolate pudding in the 3.9oz box (makes four 1/2C servings) and it didn't really thicken too much, even after 15 minutes. I marched forward anyway and spooned it onto the cake. There was a good layer of it but then it began to spill down the sides and almost over the plate edge. Before putting on the glaze, I had to scoop up some of the filling and clean the plate (next time I will stop before it starts to spill over). The glaze worked fine and is worth all the stirring because it looks great on the cake. Next time I think I will try the fudge pudding. The chocoholics thank you!

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Ducky July 25, 2004
All Chocolate Boston Cream Pie