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This has made a delicious cake. I used 4 red apples, white flour and threw in a handful of macadamia nuts plus an extra egg as mine were small. The result smelled great whilst cooking and tastes fabulous and is quite healthy too.

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katew February 26, 2010

Delicious and moist! I don't measure things well, so I obviously added WAY too many apples and didn't have enough batter in the end. Next time I will also cut my apple much smaller (I cut them very thin, but not truly diced). I used white whole wheat flour with great results. I subbed 1/2 the sugar for Splenda - which I will not so again because I could still taste it. Also added extra cinnamon and a tsp of vanilla. I made mine into 12 cupcakes and 1 small round cake, both of which were done in 25 minutes. Thanks for sharing!

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JanuaryBride June 15, 2010
All Bran Apple Cake