Alice's Wonder Spray All-Purpose Cleaner

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Total Time
5 mins
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This came from Karen Logan's "Clean House, Clean Planet". I mixed up a batch to try it one day and haven't used commercial all-purpose cleaners since. Good essential oil combos are tea tree and peppermint, orange and cinnamon, and lavender and lemon. Keep out of reach of small children as the borax is somewhat toxic.

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  • 29.58 ml distilled white vinegar
  • 4.92 ml borax
  • 354.88 ml very hot distilled or purified water
  • 59.14 ml castile soap or 28.39 ml liquid dish soap
  • 0.65-0.97 ml essential oils


  1. Mix the vinegar and borax in a 16oz spray bottle.
  2. Fill bottle with the water and shake to dissolve the vinegar and borax.
  3. Add soap LAST and then scent with essential oil.
  4. Use as you would any all-purpose cleaner. This mix can get quite soapy so you might want to have a cloth wet with just water handy to "rinse" with.
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I made this in a 24 ounce squirt bottle so I added an extra cup of water to the mix so it wouldn't be too soapy. So far I have really liked this. It isn't too sudsy; I just rinse out the cloth and wipe again. It has worked really well on my kitchen counter tops and spills on the floor. I didn't add any essential oils as I used Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil castile soap which has plenty of scent.

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I mixed up a batch to use in the new apartment, needless to say it was not spotlessly clean when we moved in, this stuff works wonders! The dust from the remodel is gone and the grease in the storage cabinet under the stove is gone with one use of this cleaner. I am very impressed and will not buy any more commercial cleaners again. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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I have been using this and many other recipes from Karen Logan's book for almost 10 years. I wouldn't dream of going back to commercial cleaners!