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Very good! I cooked it to 240, and then let it cool to 120 degrees, per peter grewlings chocolates and confections book, where he states cooling it to this temp before the agitation lets the fondant have nice small molecules that will not be grainy. A very nice tasting smooth fondant. Will make again for sure! 240 cooked it to a med consistancy, less than that it would be runnier, and up to 257 it would be much harder.

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cookiefrostingrocks January 09, 2008

This was fantastic! I'm excited that I can make this at home. I uploaded and submitted a photo of what I used it for--I'm learning to temper chocolate and made this fondant and it makes about 1 and a 1/2 cups of filling. The filling in the picture is a teaspoon of vanilla extract with 2 teaspoons Cointreau. I used a wooden spoon in a buttered glass bowl and power stirred until it went from a transluscent color to a thick, opaque white.

I personally would stop as soon as it turns opaque as I kept churning it and the fondant was then a bit more stiff--it loosened a bit as I added liquid to the vanilla and Cointreau. The rest I used with some Bergamot oil and that fondant is a little bit more stiff, but still delicious. It is a learning process! Thanks again for sharing this fantastic recipe. I followed cookiefrostingrocks temperatures.

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PKG January 21, 2013

This was great! I used orange extract, although I used 2t. and that was the perfect amount. I then made them into bonbons by covering with ganache. This was a great recipe! I didn't have a thermometer, so I just tested with water for the soft ball stage. This worked perfectly. I just heated on a very low temp and checked to see if it was done often. Thank you for the recipe!

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hannah234 June 24, 2008

These were great! I made half a recipe just to try them out. I have some Lorann flavoring oils so I used a Bavarian Creme and then also fermvertase to make a creamier filling. They were just right! Thanks for the recipe, Julie!

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SweetsLady February 23, 2008

Really overcooked this the first time around. Second time around I think I got it at the right time, but mine isn't white like in one of the images shown. No idea what I did wrong...?! I followed the recipe as stated using lily white syrup. I stirred over med heat until it began to boil, then I turned down the heat to med-low and let it simmer until it reached the soft ball stage. Any ideas?

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L00k December 22, 2007

These were fun to make and very delicious. We made the rum and butter flavored variety. Our thermometor wasn't working right and as a result didn't cook them quite long enough, so they were a bit thin. We were able to freeze them, roll them in balls and dip them while they were frozen. At room temperature, the center was soft and wonderful. I can't wait to try more varieties. (It took about a half pound of chocolate to dip this size recipe.

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Sharlene~W November 29, 2006
Alice's Fondant Filling for Chocolates