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I usually put meat for 1 hour, then add carrots and potatoes for ~40 min, then add zuchini for 20min (1 hour is too much for zucchini and will make them melt. I also prefer green over squash).

You can also add turnips with potatoes and carrots (my american wife loves them).

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jambonbeur April 25, 2012

Thank you Halalmom for such an easy to put together couscous stew recipe. I added a traditional Egyptian spice mix as I haven't come across the Ras El Hanout here. My family prefer chicken with couscous and loved the delicious sauce. I added a good handful of raisins and waited for the raves. This even tasted delicious for lunch the next day. I steamed my Rose Blanche couscous, it turned out light and fluffy. A truly authentic delicious meal. I will certainly be making this again.

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Scots Lass/Cairo June 03, 2007

Well at last I have found a recipe which mentions STEAMED COUS COUS. Everytime I see 'pour boiling water on the cous cous and let stand' I fell I might explode! I use a similar recipe but omit the curry & coriander - I use double the ras el hanout. In addition I use 2 cloves of garlic, 2 medium quartered potatoes and a tin of tomatos. I use 2 carrots and 2 zucchini so I add a large stick of celery or 'khorchef' and a few pieces of turnip/parsnip etc. I use the pressure cooker which makes 2 hours cooking reduce to 45 mins or so and the meat just melts! Rezika

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Um Safia June 02, 2007

I am NOT a lamb fan! Having said that, I am a HUGE fan of North African cuisine. I just substituted the lamb with a 1.5 kilo piece of stewing beef, and it was delicious. Living in Israel I am able to get practically any Middle Eastern spice combo in my local spice shop, and bought 100 grams of the ras el hanout. I can honestly say I will be using more of this spice combination in the future. We had this with couscous and roasted loubiya (very long and skinny green beans) on the side. A great recipe, shukrun!

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Mirj September 18, 2006
Algerian Stew for Couscous