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This dinner was DELICIOUS! It was my first time making mahi-mahi, and it turned out so good! I actually doubled the recipe and fed a group of 7 (plus a little leftover). It does seem like a lot of steps, but it wasn't very hard. Now that I've made it once, I think it'll go more quickly and easily. I tried serving this over fetticine, but I think my alfredo sauce was too thick to spread and cover the pasta too. But the mahi-mahi and crab alfredo were so delicious on their own, I'll be skipping the pasta next time. Just a veggie on the side should be perfect! Oh, and I warmed up the extra crab meat in a little butter in a skillet with some minced garlic before I put it on top, yum!

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cassie.schaner March 15, 2011

Great recipe! So easy, too! I will use less flour less time in the alfredo, but otherwise perfect.And, because the sauce just wasn't over-the-top rich enough, I sauteed some mushrooms to add to it.
Served over whole wheat pasta and with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Wonderful meal, and again, so easy! Lots of bang for the buck with this dish!

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JacquelineS August 10, 2010
Alfredo Maui Maui With Crab