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Let me just say ~ Thank You! My boyfriend his Argentenian and he was very very IMPRESSED!!! I shared them w/ him and his sister and they LOVED IT ~ she wants me to show her how to make them! Thank you thank you!

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smallkine_28 June 15, 2009

Great recipe! Can't get enough of these... Great for entertaining

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The Baker's Daughter November 13, 2008

These were fabulous. My husband is from Ecuador and his mom brought back some delicious packaged alfajores, so I surprised him by making these. He loved them so much - thanks for recipe! This is just like a shortbread but with more cornstarch than flour. We spread some with straight condensed milk and some with cherry jam, and melted half semisweet and half milk chocolate chips with a pat of butter to make them chocolate covered - they were also delicious plain. The dough seemed extremely dry using the original recipe and didn't have enough moisture to come together, so I just added a little water until it worked. It definitely wasn't like a drop cookie dough, and most of the alfajores recipes I looked at called for rolling out and using cookie cutters for the dough. As a shortcut I rolled it into a log in wax paper and stuck in the freezer for half and hour, then sliced into rounds (very carefully with a good knife so the rounds held :) I scaled it down to 1/3 so maybe that was the problem, but it was excellent with a little added water.

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syanosy September 28, 2008
Alfajores De Maizena