Alex Goh's Basic Sweet Bun Dough

Total Time
2hrs 25mins
Prep 2 hrs
Cook 25 mins

I love making this and putting different fillings etc in it...such buns are extremely popular in Asia

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  1. Mix flours, milk powder, yeast and sugar in a big bowl.
  2. Add the egg and cold water and mix to form a dough. Add in the butter and salt and knead till a smooth dough forms. This takes a while.
  3. At first the dough will be greasy and seem as if there is too much butter in it. But as you knead and knead and knead, it will eventually get to the point you want it to be.
  4. Cover with clingwrap and let rise for about 1 hour or till doubled in size.
  5. Preheat oven to 380 farenheit.
  6. Divide dough into portions of 50 or 60 gm each. Shape into balls and leave it to rest for abt 10 minutes Roll out dough and wrap with desired fillings. Shape as required and let it proof on lined or greased baking tray for another 50-60 mins or until dough is double in size.
  7. Brush dough with egg wash, or milk, if you want it to be less brown, and bake till golden brown and cooked.
  8. Immediately brush with melted butter after taking it out of the oven and cover with a tea cloth to give it a soft crust.


Most Helpful

It is a tragedy that this recipe only has three stars. First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the measurements or ingredients. This has been my go-to sweet dough recipe for years, and it has never failed. Ignore the inexperienced two-star baker and use this recipe with confidence!

Sundog1973 December 25, 2014

I have to say that that using all the ingredients makes good bread. But thats IF you DONT follow directions. First of all the mesurements are all off. I converted the ounces to cups etc, but it was still off horribly. You need WAY more flour than it tells you. Also its not specific AT ALL about how long to cook it. The first time I accidently skipped a step. That was my fault. However this time I did what I did the first time and it was use all the ingredients but different amounts. Which resulted in good dough. However it does NOT tell you how long to bake it and I accidentally burned it. The recipe overall is a good idea in theory, but if you try it youre definitely going to have to make modifications. Also watch the bread like a hawk!! >.<

radicaled_iv October 09, 2009

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