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Using what I had on hand this was kind of plain tasting at least without the vegetables. I did add some chilli powder like another reviewer. I used rendered organic grassed beef fat instead of olive oil, organic onion, organic garlic, organic tomato sauce, organic canned plum tomatoes, homemade organic stock, cayenne pepper powder instead of diced green chilies or jalapeño, organic grass fed medium ground beef, white basmati rice, fresh wild mint from the garden, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, no egg, did add oregano as mentioned in the instructions but not ingredients list, garnished with organic cilantro but again it was not in the ingredients list and neither was lemon which I did not have so I stired in a little organic apple cider vinegar for a sour flavour.

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UmmBinat June 09, 2013

This tastes exactly like albondigas soup!!! Exactly what we wanted. Here are the changes we made due to ingredient shortage: omitted green beans and jalepeno, used roasted fresh aneheim chilies, (3 small ones), used half broth and half water, and omitted mint in meatballs- added 2 tsp chili powder to broth and 1 tsp. oregano and minced onion to meat. It was really good.

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personalchef September 21, 2008
Albondigas Soup