Alan Wong's Pineapple-Mango-Macadamia Nut Relish

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This relish is so good, our friends have been known to beg us to allow them keep the leftovers. Serve with grilled fish, chicken, or even by itself as a salad. The relish can be used immediately, but I like to refrigerate it for an hour or two to allow the flavors to mingle. You can be pretty liberal with the hot sauce because the pineapple and mango balance the fire, but use caution if you use habanero peppers together with an extreme sauce such as Dave's Insanity. The original recipe was published in The Seattle Times c. 1993

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  1. Combine pineapple, mango and nuts in a non-reactive bowl.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and toss to mix.
  3. Correct seasoning, adding fish sauce, lime juice, or hot sauce to taste.