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Very, very nice sandwich with wonderful Med flavours. I would have liked this even more without the shrimp as I felt they really did not add anything to this particular recipe - and the chef would still have had the 5 required ingredients - tuna might have been a better addition. Thanks for a tasty lunch.

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evelyn/athens July 16, 2005

Excellent use of contest ingredients, I used a 14" Artisian Sourdough bread and as the intro says amounts vary with the size of the bread I had to cut way back on the peppers for the size of my loaf. The dressing is excellent and gives that extra flavor boost. I served the loaf with oven baked beans. Next time I would like to wrap the loaf in foil and bake it for apprx 25 minutes - I think it would also be great warm

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Bergy July 03, 2005

Wow! This bread is not great it is fabulous. I have made it yesterday and we have it this evening (thus a few hours ago). Although we were only three I have made it for four servings. And there is not a single crumb left. It is unfair to rate it, because it is far beyond 5 stars. This is a marvelous recipe. From the first reading it fired my imagination of a warm and sunny evening in the south. And from the first reading it was also quite clear that I have to make this recipe just to know, if it is so good as the recipe seems like. And it is much better. I followed the recipe step by step. It was very easy to follow, each step is clearly described. And now the taste: it was overhelming. Each ingredient add its individual flavor and you can clearly distinct them from each other. But as a whole the build up a new world of flavors. Bell peppers and parmesan built the fundament. Then there are the shrimps togehter with the feta cheese and onions, delicious. The tomatoes (sweet through the sugar) with fresh basil and the bread (an all time favorite). Kalmata olives, garlic and parsley as little highlights in between. All flavors will be hold together by the bread and the wonderful dressing. Different textures and the combination of such different flavors makes this recipe a great experience. Every bite is different. Try the creamy feta cheese with the sweetness of the bell peppers or the different textures of buttered bread, shrimps and tomatoes. And so on and on. It is like a trip through Greece. Would you like to be the ultimative center of the next bbq, picnic or party. Just take 'Al Fresco Bread with you as a small present and you will attract attention of the party members(I will certainly do so!). Who ever has created "Al Fresco Bread": Thank you, thank you, thank you. And here is what my friends said: "I can only give five stars? It is so delicious." Hope this review is not to long, but it is so fantastic. Hope this recipe will win the RSC7 contest. All best wishes Thorsten

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Thorsten June 25, 2005
Al Fresco Bread