Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a delicious garlic mayonnaise that can be used as a vegetable dip, sandwich spread, or let your imagination run wild! This recipe came from Emeril Live at Food TV Network. Definitely a winner for garlic lovers! How about using it potato salad?

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  1. Combine garlic, eggs, lemon juice, parsley (optional), salt and pepper in a good processor and puree.
  2. With processor running, slowly add olive oil in a continuous stream until mixture has formed a thick emulsion.
  3. Chill.
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Garlic heaven! I actually used 5 cloves of garlic, and used the stuff as a dipping sauce for steamed veggies. I also mixed some into some beaten eggs and made a great omelette this morning. I highly recommend this, just don't expect to do any serious kissing after all that garlic!

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It had a little too much garlic and there was a burn but we liked it with

5 5

This is so easy and so much tastier than what you can get in the store. Huge garlic flavor with the perfect amount of tang from the lemon juice.