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Have made Moules Marinières many times before, but not your recipe. Thanks, FT, for your perfectly easy recipe -- I was looking for the basic recipe and could not recall it. Unfortunately as I write this it is midwinter in South Africa: I used defrosted New Zealand green-lipped mussels on the half-shell (great, actually), but fresh herbs are thin on the ground right now! I did have my own Italian parsley, and used more than specified, ditto fresh thyme (so hardy). I also added a lot of chopped spring/green onion. No other fresh herbs available, but those were fine. I stayed with your recipe, but admit I added a soupçon more wine -- maybe 250 ml, maybe 200 ml. I cannot understand one reviewer saying she'll add less wine next time!! In the end, with maybe evaporation, the wine I used was just enough and there was a lovely thin creamy sauce in the end. Such an easy, classic recipe. I'd say to others: don't change a thing, follow instructions, do use butter, and rather use a splash more (good) wine than less!! Thanks, Tarty!!! PS: I see my efforts at correct spelling produce strange effects!! I meant Marinieres with the accent, and soupcon with the cedille ... but it comes out funny!!! LOL!

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Zurie June 22, 2010

We made these for our New Years Eve supper. First time cooking mussels. We both enjoyed them for something new, the recipe was easy to follow, the only thing I would do differently is up the garlic and maybe my cloves were smaller and I think I would step it up from plain old parsley and add the recommended taragon or something for a bit more flavor, we played it simple the first time around. Definately will make again now I know how easy they are to make. Thanks for a great simple recipe.

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KennKonn January 01, 2011

I have one friend that is vegetarian, but will eat some seafood. So it is a challenge to find something that is agreeable to everyone. Well this dish certainly fit the bill....it was excellent! I doubled the recipe, using 5 lb of mussels...added a bit more garlic....used Italian parsley and oregano and creme fraiche. I served this with PCrocker's Crusty French Bread to soak up all the lovely juices. This dish was better than any mussel dish I have had in restaurants. The creme fraiche was definately worth the time and effort to make....I thought it made the meal! If you love mussels, I highly recommend this dish. Kudos, French Tart.... kudos!!!

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Abby Girl September 25, 2010

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!!!! Made these for Valentines day and just devoured them!!! I let my DH have some too! LOL!!! Will definately make these again!!

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pumpkinprincess February 16, 2010

This was my first time making mussels. Your pictures and instructions were awesome, thank you! These turned out perfect. They were so delicious and tender. I think the tarragon and butter pair well and gave it a wonderful flavor. I will be making these again for sure.

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Cookworm August 14, 2014

I have to say if there's a choice I usually gravitate towards French Tart's recipes.. they are always excellent, this one included.

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wahmommy January 14, 2014

This recipe is fantastic. Made just as is only changed servings to 5 and steamed for 9 minutes. Delicious with some crusty bread and a light salad.

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NurseCupcake January 13, 2014

very good mussels!!scaled down the recipe for one and made this for my BF last weekend and he loved it served with fries and crusty bread.Will do it again thanks for the recipe

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Charmy September 15, 2009

This was really nice, almost as good as eating out. My only issue was i wouldn't add so much wine next time. Maybe 2/3 of what was reccommened. Of course this may just be our taste. Will be trying this again during the mussel season. Thanks.

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the veggie plot September 13, 2009

OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! This is fabulous! I too love these little morsels. You so inspired me to create a recipe as well. I didn`t have enough after eating your recipe. So I came up with one. Hope you give it a try. I made for ZWT5. John and I loved these. To bad you didn`t make them with me. ;) Merci Beaucoup! (((HUGS)))

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Rita~ June 05, 2009
Ahoy There! Moules Marinières - French Sailor's Mussels