Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

Very refreshing drink, very easy to make. It works just as well with Cantaloupe or Honey Dew melons. I've made this recipe with many different types of melon with great results. The grocery store I use has a yearly melon sale in the summer. You can try and buy several types of melons that you normally couldn't get in this area of Wisconsin. The Santa Claus melon has a very mild flavor and light color. I like to use my LaLane juicer.


  1. Mash the melon. If using a blender, add just enough water to blend into a coarse pulp.
  2. Put the pulp in a pitcher. Add the water and the sugar.
  3. Stir vigorously to dissolve the sweetener. Serve chilled.
Most Helpful

I was looking for a straight forward agua fresca recipe, and this is it. I made a few modifications: After blending the fruit, I added the water and sugar to the blender carafe. Then I strained the liquid into a pitcher to get a smoother juice. It was delicious! Keep in mind that good fruit makes good agua fresca!

saucy48 June 19, 2011

I really enjoyed this Agua fresca. It was perfection. Sweet, light, thin melon water that truly refreshed. I served this agua with lots of ice. Can't wait to make it again. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe Jess4Freedom.

Baby Kato November 30, 2010

Nice and light tasting simple drink which is healthy with melons as per proper food combining. For me this smoothie is quite thin but it was still smooth, yummy and healthy how I changed it to use local unpasteurised honey (raw) instead of sugar. I just chopped up the c antelope I used and put everything in my blender. The only thing some others might want to do differently is use a little crushed ice in place of some of the water as even though my melon was from the fridge and so was my water it was still not that cold. I would defiantly make this again the same way using cantaloupe and also would like to try it with honeydew.

UmmBinat July 07, 2010