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Prep 2 mins
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A lovely nightcap from drinkswap, you'll sleep like a baby after this. Recipe calls for only 1 tsp of cream but feel free to increase that if you like a milky coffee. I added a lot more than 1tsp myself.

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  1. Build ingredients & float cream on top.
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Delicious coffee drink. I only had mint Bailey's which I knew wouldn't work, so I replaced it with 2tsp of half-n-half. (2tsp = 10 ml for those of you who are metric-ly challenged like me) I don't really like "boozy" which is how another reviewer described this drink, so that replacement is probably what made this drink great for me.

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Wowsers, this is delicious! I'm sure that I'm going to have a very happy afternoon now. The rich espresso and the lovely hooch mix is just what the Dr. ordered. Since I can't float a layer of anything in a drink I topped mine with whipped cream and ground hazelnuts. The flavor blend in this is heavenly, Try it, you will not be disappointed :D.

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When I made it, my espresso had turned cold. It was delicious. I drank it without the cream. Thanks Mandy. Made for Beverage tag.