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I have to admit, I expected to love these pickles. I wish I did. I guess the sugar should have given me a clue that they really weren't hot and spicy but sweet sweet sweet and spicy. I really don't like sweet picked so did a slight adjustment to the recipe... 32oz petite dills, 2/3 of a 12oz jar of jalape

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JK1747 August 15, 2014

I love this recipe! I will admit to being nervous, tho. I mixed this up on a Thursday. We tasted it Saturday & ehhh....odd sweet dilly flavor but no spicy ZING . Back into the fridge with you! We pulled it out again on Monday & POW! What great, zippy, sweet, dilly, flavor!! I haven't decided exactly HOW I'm going to do it, but I want to recycle the jalapenos to make another batch. Nicole & I ate most of the jar yesterday afternoon! This is so easy & so great! I couldn't find a 46oz jar of pickles. The biggest I could get was 32. I was going to cut down on the jalapenos but, it turns out, when you remove the jar & juice, there's only 5oz of actual pickled jalapenos in that jar! So I used them all. It all fit barely but was fine after a day when the sugar dissolved. Thanks, Rita, you VIP, you!!! Made for Veggie Tag 4/12.

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Elmotoo May 01, 2012
Afterburner Petite Dill Pickles